We at KCP, act as an educational organization with the aim to empower young people, out of the belief that global change can start from personal development. KCP's unique approach is based on the notion that learning deep and transformational concepts as well as actively creating and working together has major impact on a productive youth dialogue. The organization holds dialogue sessions between young people from Israel and the Palestinian Authority, as an educational tool for personal development and an empowering process that encourages the use of communication instead of violence. Our vision is to foster young leaders who seek reconciliation. The Dialogue Program graduates gain tools that encourage living in peace and recognition of human dignity, tools which will positively affect both their lives and the lives of those around them.

The educational program - what we do?

In recent years, "Kids Creating Peace" implements the association's dialogue program, in which young people get to know the other side and find common grounds and learn about the importance of respect and human dignity towards others. This unique approach aims towards finding common grounds between us as people and as teenagers. The youths discover that despite the differences in language, religion, nationality and culture, we all share the same basic aspirations and desires to exercise a happy and successful life and fulfil our dreams. Through learning, experiencing and working together, the youth learn to overcome fears and stereotypes, create a dialogue with active listening, and develop promoting dialogue and communications skills, out of a sense of respect for themselves and others.

Our programs are divided into two age groups:

Youth aged 13-18 – KCP's dialogue program. The program includes multi-cultural groups of young Israelis and Palestinians, who often gather after-school with the cooperation and support of schools and youth groups.

Children aged 7-13 - The program is based on an international educational program called "Game of Life" implemented in schools and other educational centers and organizations. The "Game of Life" program has been the topic of extensive research conducted by the Rand Corporation which determined that the implementation of the program has a positive effect on children's behavior.