Yesterday on International Peace Day, Kids Creating Peace celebrated the first year for their Wings of Peace cross-boarder dialogue program. The event was attended by about 400 Palestinian and Israeli youth, families, ambassadors and artists, all buzzing with excitement and unity to celebrate the achievements of the KCP youth and their efforts for peace, coexistence and dialogue throughout the past year.


Presidents Reuven Rivlin and Mahmoud Abbas congratulated the israeli-palestinian teen delegation on their continuous and brave work who, despite the increasingly challenging political and social climate, continue to meet, speak and collaborate together frequently.

KCP was particularly honoured to introduce speeches by Karen Berg – founder of Kids Creating Peace. Dave Harden - Mission Director for USAID West Bank & Gaza and Nir Tamir - Deputy Major of Jerusalem . The youth from the KCP leadership program also shared speeches and breathtaking performances which included an israeli song and a palestinian dance. The evening concluded with a stunning performance by two talented and inspiring ladies - Israeli singer Achinoam Nini and Palestinian singer Mira Awad, who have been working together for years on brining israeli-palestinian performing arts and culture together.

The evening also marked the launch of KCP's new social media campaign #IAMHUMANITY, inspired and created by the Palestinian-Israeli youth. The campaign emerged after a year of close collaboration and dialogue in the KCP cross-boarder program, where the teens decided to celebrate what unites them as opposed to what divides them with a powerful message: “If we only see someone's eyes, we remove any stereotypes or preconceptions we may have about a person based on their look, ethnicity or religion. When we look into our eyes, we can see our humanity. It is this humanity that connects us all, no matter if we're Palestinian or Israeli, Christian, Muslim or Jewish.”

The campaign invites us all to post an 'Eye Selfie' on our social media profiles and nominate three peers to pass it on. The teens explained that by sharing our eyes, we share our humanity, and every person in the world is a small part of humanity. The aim of the campaign is to reach thousands if not millions of participants globally in order to share their powerful message.

 Anyone can participate! Share your photo today and support a peaceful future for Israeli and Palestinian youth.