The Wings of Peace program is a joint Israeli-Palestinian program aiming to advance a unique peer-to-peer approach based on the cumulative experience and expertise of both partners – Kids Creating Peace in Israel and the Palestinian Dialogue Center in Ramallah. The program's people-to-people approach is void of paternalism and offers a fresh outlook for peaceful exchange between Israelis and Palestinians. It is our belief that only by conducting an open dialogue between youth, being in peace with their peers and therefore serving as role models to creating the messages and means to reach their wider circles of influence – will other Israeli and Palestinian youth be receptive to hear a message of peace and shift their stances and attitudes toward the "other” and prospects for peace.

This year, the Wings of Peace program actively worked with 150 Israeli and Palestinian youth who acted as active peace advocates, initiating their own projects, engaging their peers and communities in peace education. The young (ages 13-18) Israeli and Palestinian peace advocates and leaders designed and initiated creative educational peace campaigns and activities in their schools, youth movements and community centers – reaching 1,500 of their peers. A key part of their collaboration was a new media outreach campaign that targeted additional thousands of youth, in an appealing new framing for peace and conflict resolution, utilizing video clips, social networking and other creative means, with a view to give peace a more relevant, positive and appealing context for their fellow young peers.