Inspired and developed by our Palestinian and Israeli young peace advocates, Kids Creating Peace has launched an exciting and engaging social media campaign based on the past year of collaborative work and idea exchange between peers of the Wings of Peace program. The online campaign invites youth from Israel and the Palestinian Territories to take a stand for peace and humanity in a increasingly hostile and adversarial climate in the Middle East. Despite the potential social and political fallouts, the KCP youth courageously shared their message of hope and coexistence by demonstrating true leadership and strength with a view to a better future.

With the increasing tendency of negative new media warfare, online bullying and hate groups, the KCP youth decided to use the wildly popular and potentially influential social networks for a positive purpose and to disseminate the message of Humanity. They chose to celebrate what unites them as opposed to what divides them using their 'Eyes' to tell the story of the campaign. The youth feel that a person's eyes say a lot about who they really are inside, irrelevant of nationality, religion or race. When we only see someone's eyes we fundamentally remove any stereotypes and preconceptions we may have about a person based on their look, ethnicity and religion.

The campaign consists of participants posting a photo of their own eyes online accompanied by the hashtag #IAMHUMANITY. The concept communicates the key message the Palestinian-Israeli advocates have developed over the course of the year, that we are all connected through our humanity – no matter if we are palestinian or israeli; jewish, muslim or christian.

The campaign was launched on the International Peace Day on September 21st in Jerusalem, with the support and presence of a Palestinian and Israeli delegation, international Ambassadors, as well as USAID's Mission Director and Kids Creating Peace founder Karen Berg.

Join our young palestinian-israeli peace advocates and share your humanity today!

This is how it works:

1. Take a photo of your eyes


3. Nominate 3 friends to do the same

4. Post it on social media.

Support our Palestinian and Israeli youth in their peace efforts by sharing your own photo today!