During the summer, KCP held its annual 'Wings of Peace' summer camp funded by our associate USAID, bringing together Jewish and Arab youth, from both Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

The summer camp is part of KCP's commitment to foster peaceful dialogue and friendships between youth and offered an oasis of peace in their otherwise often challenging lives. The week-long camp was packed with fun activities and educational sessions at a phenomenally beautiful location on the beach, over 200 participants had the opportunity to live a reality of freedom and friendships, proving once again that a peaceful coexistence is possible.

The activities ranged from music, dancing, sports, swimming, surfing, arts and crafts and cooking, to more self-reflective sessions of journaling, dialogue and social media workshops. The youth were placed in smaller groups of mixed israeli-palestinian participants, allowing them to get to know each other and share new experiences. Despite language barriers and some initial apprehension, the youth developed new connections, sharing and teaching their peers about each other's cultures and passions.

The summer camp culminated in a masquerade ball and party, where everyone wore a personally created mask, highlighting the idea that when we only see each other's eyes, we see each other's humanity. This paralleled the camp's overarching theme that once we remove the stereotypes and negative associations of the 'other side', we can really see each other's humanity. And at the level of humanity we are all the same.

After the annual summer camp, KCP facilitated monthly meetings between the israeli-palestinian youth, allowing them to continue their interactions, dialogue and build their friendships throughout the year.