The Youth Creating Peace (YCP) project is based on the Youth Dialogue program administered by the Kids Creating Peace (KCP) NGO, in partnership and support by the USAID Fund. The project includes 50 Israeli and Palestinian teenagers who have chosen to meet in order to acquire tools, experiences and insights that will bolster their willingness to act sincerely and constructively to resolve the conflict with the Other.

The Youth Creating Peace program offered a rare opportunity for 50 Israeli and Palestinian youth that have taken active part in the past year, and become visible in their community and regional contexts. The program’s four-component curriculum and innovative approach is based on reciprocal, equal and truly representative relation amongst the youth. The program is based on gradual growth and acquisition of tools and understanding that increase youth participant’s receptiveness to engage in real and constructive conflict-resolution with the “other”, overcoming violence and apathy.
The program addresses Israeli and Palestinian youth’s daily realities – engaging them in effective, life-changing peace education and joint activities that provide tools and understanding of the complex regional reality, the “other” and their own capacity to influence matters on the local, national and regional levels.
Our meetings, workshops and activities are facilitated by teams of skilled teachers and instructors selected and trained specifically for this purpose, and include:

  • Workshops, dynamic lessons and role plays
  • A four-day camp offering the opportunity to experience each other in daily life
  • Online meetings
  • Joint production of a photo exhibition created by the youth participants
  • Performing for the various communities and other teenagers

About the camp

The Camp is a very significant component of the YCP program – a four day interactive camp for the Israeli and Palestinian participant. The four-day joint Israeli-Palestinian camp provided the YCP participants with the opportunity to face physical and spiritual challenges and strengthened the belief that each and every one of them can overcome any challenge in his or her life.
The camp was based on a fresh approach of the Art of problem solving and the camp’s activities are structured from the point of view of “A day in the other’s life” and included role playing, exchange activities, shedding light on the cultural, social and daily aspects of each participant’s life and reality. The camp have strengthened dialogue-building skills identify clear cultural, lingual and social characteristics and further expose each youth to the other society. We dealt with concepts like Judgment, Insecurity, stereotypes about ourselves and others, the power of our words and actions and more, using the artwork and style of famous artists to help illustrate concepts that offer practical and attainable solutions to the problems participants face in daily life.

Testimonials from the participants:

Shira , 14 years old, Israeli from Har Hadar near Jerusalem
The “together we can” is not just a slogan. It is the way of thinking that we have learnt from KCP , This is a tool of life, this is something we can use every time, in school , family , with someone that are different from us. For me it is the first time that I have ever met someone from the other side. See and Arabic kid talks to a Jewish kid, for me it means – hope

Marach, 15 years old, Palestinian from Anata , East Jerusalem
I will remember those beautiful moments that we have all had this year and specially in the camp. To stay together all day long even sleep together in the same room, I liked it a lot.
Arab, Muslims, Christian and Jews, all of us when we become one hand , share and care – we can achieve the impossible! And we must work together , to make it happen!

Together We Can Photo Exhibit

As part of the program the Israeli and Palestinian youth have participated in a unique experience of a 4 days intensive summer camp in which they have got a digital camera and photography workshops that gave them tools to document their experience through their camera lenses. As part of the graduation event that was held in Sinematheque Jerusalem with the participation of parents, family members, friends , partners and other stake holders from the community the full hoto exhibit was presented and included the themes of change in perception , friendship and unity, my home and Peace.